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Starkey Hearing Technologies

Eastern Connecticut Hearing Center specializes in Starkey Hearing Technologies, including the Halo™ 2 – the latest Made for iPhone™ hearing aids.  Starkey Sound has cutting edge technology that delivers true listening enjoyment with supreme sound quality and premium features plus customization to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experience.

The Halo™ 2 connects to your iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ touch via Bluetooth technology and the easy to use Starkey TruLink app.  This offers a personalized hearing experience designed to deliver pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity and helps you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in noisy environments.  You can also stream phone calls, music and more directly from your iPhone™ to your hearing aids, eliminating buzzing and whistling. The processor in the Halo™ 2 hearing aids allow for on-demand and automatic control, makes soft music sounds audible and enhances sound quality, providing you with the ability to enjoy listening to music the way you want to.

To learn more about Starkey Hearing Aid Technology, download the product brochure here.

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Starkey Hearing Technologies: Made for a happy, healthy life.

Hearing loss isn’t just an ear issue, it’s a quality of life and health issue.

  • 90-95% of people with hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. 
  • Over 360 million people of the world's population have disabling hearing loss.
  • Adults with hearing loss were more likely to report depression, anxiety and paranoia than peers who wore hearing aids.
  • Older adults with impaired hearing may have a shorter lifespan then their peers without hearing problems. 
  • People with mild hearing loss are three times more likely to have a history of falling.
  • People with low-frequency hearing loss are considered at risk for cardiovascular events.  

Halo 2 hearing aids are made so people with hearing loss won’t have to miss a single sound that brings them joy. They are made knowing people who hear better, live better.

Simply put, Halo™ 2 hearing aids are made for life.