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Hearing Center

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Hearing Center:

The Hearing Center at Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat is a full-service audiology and hearing aid center, performing hearing testing and hearing aid evaluations on adults and children. Our Audiologists have over 5 decades of hands-on experience and have helped thousands of Eastern Connecticut residence benefit from our expertise, high-quality products, and efficient, caring service.

In conjunction with the physicians at Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose, & Throat, Audiologists Bill Marshall and Elyse Kirschblum perform diagnostic audiological evaluations, hearing tests and ear wax removal. They also custom fit Starkey amplification devices to minimize the effects of hearing loss and give you better hearing in noisy environments, taking into consideration your specific lifestyle for you to hear well with comfort and confidence. They can even help you communicate wirelessly with your television and cell phone!

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You Deserve The Best

Why put up with hearing loss when you don’t have to? Nine out of 10 people surveyed by the non-profit Better Hearing Institute indicated the quality of their life improved with hearing aids. Begin your journey towards better hearing right here.

Communication is critical in life. Research shows that people who get hearing aids benefit from:

  • Fewer instances of confusion and disorientation
  • Increased ability to concentrate and multitask
  • Better memory skills and a greater ability to learn new tasks
  • Alertness and awareness of their personal safety
  • Increased earning power and more control over their lives

Hearing Aids:

Do you hear but not understand? Let The Hearing Center at Eastern CT Ear, Nose & Throat make all that a thing of the past! In our Hearing Center, we will expertly-fit all types of modern hearing devices to the shape and contour of your ear to eliminate hearing loss, give you better hearing in noisy environments, and even communicate wirelessly with your TV! Our hearing aids are discreet and designed to fit into your ear canal; effectively hiding any trace of the device, completely.

Our hearing aids are discrete and designed to fit into your ear canal, effectively hiding any trace of the device. We offer hearing aid cleaning, repair services, and loaner hearing instruments if you should require further services. All of our three offices stock a variety of hearing aid batteries and wax guards as well.

The Hearing Center also creates custom swim molds and noise protection molds for occupational exposures, musicians, and sportsmen.

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HALO™ iPhone™ Technology:

For those patients who want to use their iPhones™ and other Apple™ devices, Eastern CT Ear, Nose & Throat offers the most modern HALO™ technology, as well! HALO™ Hearing Aids are designed to work with your devices to deliver phone calls, music, videos and more streaming directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality and no background buzzing and whistling!

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