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Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat PC partners with our patients by listening to their concerns and providing the most up to date treatment options for a variety of conditions, including adenoid & tonsillectomy procedures, snoring & sleep apnea, throat & voice disorders, thyroid surgery, head and neck cancers, chronic ear disease management, sinusitis, allergies, hearing loss and facial reconstruction.

Meet Our Team

Our professional medical staff consists of four physicians, two audiologists, and three allergy nurses. If you suffer from allergies, dizziness, snoring, sleep apnea, sinus infections, hearing problems or other ear, nose and throat conditions, we have the expertise to help you breathe well, hear well and live well again.

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Experts in Adult and Pediatric Care

Our board-certified, award-winning, physicians, audiologists, and highly-trained healthcare professionals are here to provide the specialized care and attention our patients deserve.

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Same Day Appointments Available for Many Services

With 3 office locations and flexible physician schedules, we'll have you feeling better soon. Call today!

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At Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat PC, we offer a full range of treatment options all under one roof! From strep throat and ear infections to balloon sinuplasty and hearing aids, you'll find expert care close to home.

Why Choose Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat?

Breathe Well

Sinusitis and other conditions can cause pressure, headaches, and trouble breathing. Learn about Balloon Sinuplasty and find real relief that lasts by making an appointment with us at the Eastern Connecticut Sinus Center.

Hear Well

The Certified Audiologists at Eastern Connecticut Hearing Center perform thorough hearing assessments and provide treatment options to fit your lifestyle, including the latest advances in hearing aid technology.

Live Well

Achieve a new confidence and more natural-looking you at The Center for Facial Cosmetics. The staff here offer the latest procedures in cosmetic enhancements and products to stay totally focused on your unique needs.